Sunday, March 23, 2008

I dont belive in messages

Jayam Kondaan the upcoming film directed by Kannan who had his initial training under Mani Ratnam is happy with the way the film has shaped up. The movie has Vinay, Bhavna and Lekha Washington in lead roles. According to the director major portion of the film has been completed and the crew will be flying now to Russia to shoot song sequences.

Vinay is a civil engineer working in London who comes to Chennai and meets Bhavna, a college student interested in sports. Lekha is a modern girl with progressive views and the film revolves around these three characters. Jayamkondaan also has Vivek, Santhanam V M C Haneeefa in the supporting cast. Vidya Sagar has tuned in music and Balasubramanian has cranked the camera and the film will be a summer vacation release. While discussing his film, Kannan says that Jayam Kondaan’s specialty is its spontaneity. He further adds, “My hero Vinay will be like the boy-next-door and people will be able to relate to him easily. I have not given any message in the film as I feel it is not necessary. I do not want to disappoint people who come to theatres to watch my film. 100% entertainment would be assured within the logical boundaries”.

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