Thursday, March 13, 2008

Preitys hopes and sharukhs butt

The lines between cinema and cricket are blurring by the day and soon there may be a time when we will be referring to them collectively as entertainment, not as cricket and movies. The second official auction of players contracted for the Indian Premiere League (IPL) was held and though most of the superstar cricketers had already been bagged earlier there was some excitement as the middle and lower level players were bought at prices that made cricket look like the most lucrative career option in future.

The big buys of the day were made by teams owned by two Bollywood igh fliers. The prize catch of the day in batting was certainly Salman Butt and he was taken by Shahrukh owned Kolkata Knight Riders for 100000 dollars. However the best buy, also the most expensive of the day was made by Preity Zinta’s Team Mohali, bagging Australia’s James Hopes for 300000 dollars, also on their shopping list was New Zealand bowling all rounder Kyle Mills.But the kill of the day was reserved for Emerging Media owned Rajasthan Royals who bought a handful of players including England’s Dmitri Mascarenhas. Chennai Super Kings had a low key day with just a couple of under 19 players being added while Hyderabad Nawabs took the day off.

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