Sunday, March 23, 2008

pyramid in china

Pyramid Saimira, one of Asia’s largest entertainment groups, has entered into an agreement with the China Society of Music Research Board (CSMRB) to promote arts and cultural cooperation between the two countries. This agreement enables Saimira to venture into the Chinese market for which guidelines and consultations will be offered by the

CSMRB body. Further, this agreement also facilitates Saimira to bring in renowned Film, TV, Music, and Dance artists from China to India.

To this effect, the Jiangsu Pyramid Longzhe Group has been formed with CSMRB’s approval. This organization would operate theatres, distribute films, and engage in other culture promotional activities in china. Kick starting the effort, Saimira’s cultural delegation from India had performed their show in Beijing yesterday at the China Child Art Theatre Hall. In the home turf, Saimira has released Kannum Kannum and the Telugu movie Abbo Aadavallu this Friday. That apart, Simran Thirai, a television series with Simran in the lead is also being aired on Jaya TV.

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