Wednesday, March 26, 2008

All the best kuselan

Kuselan, the forthcoming film being directed by P Vasu with Super Star in the lead role went on floors recently at Hyderabad. This film with Pasupathy, Meena and Nayanthara is inspired from the Malayalam Katha Parayumbol and will be wrapped up before Shankar’s Robot begins. Like any other Rajini film, Kuselan has also created much frenzy in the


industry and the media is abuzz with some kind of news everyday to satisfy Rajini’s fans. While looking at history and statistics, Kuselan has many intersting trivia to offer to the readers on why the film will be a super duper hit.

Rajini- P Vasu Combination

Superstar and P Vasu’s combination has worked wonders at the box office with the earlier films Mannan and Chandramukhi. The duo kept the audince entertained right through and everyone associated with the film was happy with the result.

Rajini with Meena

Meena who acted with Rajini as a child star in Anbulla Rajinikanth went on to become his heroine in Ejaman which recorded success at the box office followed closely by Veera and Muthu. This combination had earned the duo much acclaim not only in India but also overseas especially in Japan.

Rajini with Prabhu

The team of Boss with Prabhu has always been proving lucky right from the days of Guru-Sishyan. Their success streak continued in Dharmathin Thalaivan and later in Chandramukhi too. Prabhu plays perfect foil to Rajini’s antics and the duo has not failed till date.

Rajini with Nayanthara

Nayanthara after a couple of films in Tamil was lucky to sign Chandramukhi as the screen partner for super star and their chemistry was something that the press raved about. Nayan appered in the Balle Lakka number in Sivaji and their dance ignited the screen and sent the fans into a wild tizzy.

Rajini in Malayalam remakes

Rajini’s Muthu which was a blockbuster victory was adapted from the Malayalam Thenmaavin Kombathu and his Chandramukhi was from Manichithirathazh. Both have recorded huge success at the box office.

Going by these impressive track records, the combination of all these factors are anything but an indication of what is to come. Added to that, an impressive storyline to be complimented by actors like Pasupathy is expected to augur in a stupendous victory for Kuselan. All the Best Team!

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