Monday, March 24, 2008

Is She also in the list too bad

Many top Bollywood stars are known to be smokers - Shahrukh Khan tops the list. He is known to be a chain smoker. Well, with all the pressure that actors face they need some rebate. I suppose smoking gives them that sigh of relief. But actresses smoking are not a common sight. And out of all the actresses that you could imagine who would smoke, the husky voiced babe Rani Mukherjee smoking would be the most unpredictable thing in the whole world but there you have it.

She has to have a cigarette every morning before kick starting her day. It apparently helps her answer the call of nature on time. But everytime her mom sees her with a cigarette in her hand, it doesn't go well with her and she has been on her case for along time to put down the cigarette. Well, she has tried but her efforts have backfired with side effects - as a result she goes back to the habit.

Now her mothers efforts to have her put the cigarette down have made her smoke in the bathroom - just so that she is not pestered by anyone about what she is holding in her hand. As an additional precautionary measure, she also makes sure that she has a good stock of mint and deodorant to wane off any "untoward" comment by her mom. She also makes sure that her cigarettes are well hidden.

Well, we all know that Rani is mature girl who has her head on her shoulders. She will do what she has to. She is a grown mature woman. Meanwhile I can't help but wonder does her husky voice come from the effects of the smoke that she is inhaling all the while.

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