Sunday, March 30, 2008

Kuruvi secret comes to an end

Director Dharani who has an imposing track record for delivering fast paced entertainers is back in action once again with the Ghilli team that set the screens on fire a few years ago. Kuruvi with Vijay, Trisha, Vidyasagar and a host of others will be a summer bonanza from Dharani. Kuruvi’s story appears to be a highly guarded secret and it was very difficult to find a small crack into this invincible wall of secrecy. But there appears to be light albeit a very dim one at the end of the tunnel!

A small trickle of secret suggests that the name of Vijay in the film is Guru Vijay who is called Guru V for short which explains the title of the film. Secondly, people who are being used for illegal smuggling of things across the borders of countries are also called Kuruvi. This might throw some kind of light about the film.

Meanwhile Kuruvi crew will be off to the picturesque New Zealand to can duet sequences involving Vijay and Trisha in addition to the already shot scenes in various scenic locales. Besides these songs, there would also be an item number when Vijay would be gyrating with the hip Malavika.

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