Sunday, March 16, 2008

Another face of a comedian :Charlie

When it comes to actors looking ever young that keeps you guessing about their age, the first few names that come to one’s mind is Sivakumar, Kamal and Sarathkumar. However there is one comedian who seems to have conquered the age barrier and has remained perennially youthful. And this is Charlie. From Kamal’s time to Vijay’s period, this veteran comedian has stood the tests of time and has stayed perpetually young and friendly to the heroes.

Charlie made his screen debut in K Balachander’s Poikaal Kudirai and has remained the ace director’s permanent fixture in most of his films. Another director who is very loyal to Charlie is Fazil and one can see the actor in at least a small frame in almost all his films. Charlie has more than 500 films to his credit and there appears to be a different facet to this seasoned actor besides brining comic relief to audience. Avidly interested in literature, Charlie has recently completed his M.Phill thesis and the topic that he had chosen for dissertation was ‘Contribution of comedians in the growth of Tamil cinema from 1937-1967’. An apt subject indeed!

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