Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Credit card is the solution

In todays world theft has increased in a great deal.So people fear to carry large amount of cash while travelling from one place to another .But they cant avoid taking it along as they need to spend for their requirements .So what is the solution ?Should we carry along knowing all the risk factors the result is a credit card. A credit card is northing but a mode of payment named after a small plastic card issued the users of the their system. A credit card is completely different from debit card as it does'nt removes money from the user account after each and every transaction. The major advantage in credit cards is that the issuer lends money to the user to be paid to its merchant. It is also different from a charge cards.THe credit cards are also known as a charge cards. At the end of every month the amount spent in the credit card has to be repayed to the issuer. Thus we need not take large some of money where ever we go and also no more fear for over spending .Credit cards are your solution.

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