Sunday, March 16, 2008


Kamal Hasan - one needs no introduction, though. Kamal is one actor the whole India is proud of. The debut, the personality, the versatility of skills, his films, the roles he played, performed and excelled, his achievements in every field he gets in are worth of appreciation, praise and are worth given an illustration. One has to consider Kamal as an actor, not an image because he just outclasses this so-called stardom and he feels and treats his profession as one of the fine arts. Kamal Hasan ia an actor of class, versatility and perfection who truly justified all the roles he did - from hero to villain, man to woman and a dwarf. Today, he is at a point where no one could reach him at all.

Kamal Hasan is a bridge between a lot of things. He doesn't fit in one box or a category or a classification. He belongs to no group in the Indian Film Industry because he has got his own style which is unique. All the roles in his films are either based on real life stories or from his own personal experiences and that make him live in whatever the characterisation he did and he lived in all the roles thus building a niche for himself as an alround personality in the field.

The greatest thing about Kamal Hasan is - he reached a point where one just can't emulate or imitate his dance, his delivery of words, his expressions, the way he presents and projects himself and above all, his acting capabilities and his skill which are a trademark.

After walking on Vani Ganapathi, he got married to actress Sarika who works as a costume designer for him in his films . In his films, the costumes designed from Sarika's galore are of such an importance that he looks just fit for the roles he plays in films keeping other actors out of his reach.

Kamal Hasan has not just acted in commercial films but in art films too - in fact, the number of art films are more than the commercial films that he acted in and all the glory he won is due in art films. Kamal works for no awards but for the cause of giving sort of an entertainment, joy and realisation to the indian population.

As a matter of fact, though he is there since his childhood, Kamal Hasan entered the industry as a classical dance director, then had his debut as a low-profiled hero maturing into an actor and finally turned out to be the producer-director-actor of historic movies, with the latest being "MurudaNayagam" which is believed to be in the final stages of making and released at the earlest. Kamal Hasan, thus in the long run, still remains and stands there.

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