Thursday, March 13, 2008

Trisha found drunk again

Trisha who was in news sometime ago for allegedly drinking and creating nuisance in public has done it again and this time at a star hotel.The actress reportedly attended a party at a star hotel near Adayar recently and had a fair share of a unique variety of white wine.When she and her friends finally finished the party and decided to return home it was past midnight and the actress bumped into a fat lady just entering the restaurant.Eyewitnesses say Trisha apologized, but to everyone’s surprise the fat lady slapped her and used abusive language. As a crowd gathered, Trisha’s friends quietly escorted her from the place.

When Trisha returned to the hotel for another visit the hotel administration reportedly apologized to the actress for the rude behavior of the lady. However, they had asked her to leave citing security reasons.An adamant Trisha had questioned the hotel staff about the lady who had dared to slap her. The actress left quietly after knowing the identity of the lady.As it happens the lady was none other than the wife of a police officer who had caught Trisha on a couple of her earlier drinking spree and warned her against creating public nuisance. No wonder!

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