Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Its turn for vijay

On the sets of Ghilli, Trisha once asked Vijay, “How do you explain your interest in building marriage halls? There are so many of them in different parts of the city?" Smiling, the star replied: “I like marriage halls because to me they symbolise many good things in life - a new beginning, hope, happiness, laughter and communion. Aren't they reasons enough for building them?” Trisha answered; “They sure are!” Vijay named one of the marriage halls after his mother, the other after his son, Sanjay. Building marriage halls for people to use is one of many charities the star is actively involved in. Now he is all set to build a new kalyana mandapam in Koratur, near Ambatur. What his fans are curious to know is, who will it be named after? His daughter, Divya Saasha, maybe?

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