Friday, February 22, 2008

Mysskins next project

Mysskin who made everyone take notice of him with Chithiram Pesudadi has proved once again with Anjathe that his success in the earlier film was no flash in the pan. He is exited about audience’s positive response to his latest film and feels indebted to producer Jhabhak who gave him the complete creative freedom to bring out what he wanted. When questioned about the cast in Anjathe, Mysskin avers that Prasanna was keen to do the negative role the moment he heard the script.

With Naren, of course, he shares perfect understanding. As regards Vijayalakshmi, her child-like voice made the balance tilt in her favor. He was also very happy with the supporting cast which made the film earn accolades.When asked about messages through his films, he states, “I believe in cinema being a visual medium and want to convey my thoughts through sequences rather than dialogues. As regards messages, I leave it to the audience to arrive at their own conclusion.” On his next film, he says that discussions are on with Vishal and things are yet to materialize.

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