Thursday, February 7, 2008

Rajinis tricks for nakul

Mullum Malarum is one of the famous hits of the superstar. This is one of the films that played a pivotal role in elevating the star status of Rajinikanth. Apart from the excellent acting of all the stars, a winch also played an integral role in Mullum Malarum.

While various types of vehicles were used in movies, this different concept attracted the attention of the movie buffs. However, we did not get to see a winch in movies later on. Perhaps that could be because it did not fit in as perfectly as it did for Mullum Malarum.Now, after a gap of two decades, a director has come up with this idea for his movie Kadhalil Vizhundhen. He has decided to use a winch in one of the fight sequences thereby repeating the history. Nakul of Boys fame - Devayani’s sibling - plays the lead in Kadhalil Vizhundhen. It remains to be seen as to how far the winch will help Nakul escalating his career.

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