Monday, February 18, 2008

Earn while you blog

Make easy income from your blog .There are advertisers who pay to advertise on blogs .There are people who link the bloggers and advertisers .Smorty is one such leading advertising company who act as a mediators between the bloggers and advertisers. Thus the advertiser pays for advertising about them rather writing your opinion on your blogs post with liks to their website.Thus you can also advertise using this service about your blog .You can specify your requirements about what you expect from the blogger and give the link of your website.It is the best way to advertise in todays market.As there are a wide range of people universally using internet .Thus it may reach to many people in a short span of time than you expect .In todays world brand name can be created only by advertising .Thus major part of the people using internet may notice you.Thus choosing the effective way now lies in your own hands?

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