Friday, February 22, 2008

Movies for april 14

April 14th has always been the best date for releasing movies in TN, because it was an auspicious day, and more importantly it is the summer holiday season when film makers expect families to flock to theatres. Be it our Superstar or any one for that matter, everyone has tried to position their film for an Apr 14 release to maximize the probability of ensuring good revenue particularly from family audience. That may have been changed for ever by three words - I*P*L.

IPL has conveniently scheduled the tournament from Apr 18 - Jun 1, ensuring that they take the full share of the summer vacation. Everyone will be glued to the TV sets over the summer vacation, thereby leaving the theatres empty during what has usually been the best time for theatres. I really feel sorry for the film making industry that they have to put up with the overkill of cricket at a peak time.

We are cricket crazy country and I don't think any effort can change the dates of IPL (I'm not against IPL, as it seems to put India on a bigger stage - only against the timing). I wish BCCI could be considerate and rethink the schedule for the coming years such that other entertainers get their fair share from providing summer holiday entertainment. Maybe the schedule could be starting from May18 - Jul 1, where they will still get a great viewership.

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