Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Its getting bigger

The cinematography for Billa by Nirav Shah so impressed Rajini that he wanted him to photograph Robot. Once again, Rajini was unerringly right: Nirav, who had virtually reinvented the way Tamil cinema could look in Billa, was the obvious choice. Nirav, of course, must have been thrilled and flattered. But there was a catch: he had already signed up to shoot Vishuvardhan’s next, Sarvam, starring Arya and Trisha.

The call sheets for Robot and Sarvam had coincided. Shah could have turned down Sarvam for Robot, of course, but he said he would not. Even though Robot is an epic project, involving none other than the Superstar, Shankar and A.R. Rahman, he would stay loyal to Vishnu. He and Vishnu go a long way back, he explained. They had been college friends, plus it was also Vishnu’s cinematic vision for Billa that had made their successful collaboration so talked about.

Robot’s new cinematographer is now ace cameraman Thiru. He once assisted P.C. Sriram, and now shoots for Hindi and Malayalam films. His previous work includes Hey Ram, Aalavandhan and Bhool Bhulaiyaa. His experience and expertise will surely make Robot special.

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