Friday, February 22, 2008

Kuselan latest

Any news, even a small one, about Rajini has always attracted great attention from all quarters. This time it’s about his next project for director P. Vasu, Kuselan. Currently, the music composition for the film is on at the Palmgrove Hotel, Chennai. Music director G.V. Prakash is said to have composed hundreds of tunes of which only two have been selected.This intense screening is probably to satisfy the superstar’s fans. Readers may be aware that Rajini’s fans threatened a music director some years ago when his music failed to create an impact.

The situation being what it is, not even the director is being spared this time. Rajini’s fans have been thronging P. Vasu’s residence to place their requests about how their idol should be portrayed in Kuselan. Vasu has assured them that their requests will be met. Amidst all this, the director has come out with a statement that Rajini’s role in Kuselan is not just a guest appearance as stated in the media, but that the Superstar will be seen in song and fight sequences.


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