Wednesday, February 6, 2008

I am back: T.R.Rajendran

Vijaya T. Rajendar is all set to direct a film with his youngest son Kuralarasan donning the lead. The film, titled Karuppanin Kadhali, is expected to commence sometime in February. T.R. is known for creating lavish sets in his films, setting off a trend. This time around, though, he intends to break from his own trend and set the film in actual rural locales. Disclosing his plans, he said that his tours to small hamlets in the deep South had inspired this choice. Karuppanin Kadhali, he was quick to add, will also be another kind of trendsetter where village stories are concerned. But how this would work out for T.R. only remains to be seen.


jijo said...

thevidiya mavanae punda mavane

jijo said...

dai karadithalaya .inimel ni cinemaku vande seruppu