Saturday, February 9, 2008

Comedy wins action

There has been many movies being released this year and some much awaited were also in the list such as vikram and trishas bheema directed by lingusamy and the thimiru director tarungope's kaalai having simbhu as star lead and vadivelus inthiralogathil naan alagappan .Both kaalai and bheema having full of action and less story thus not living up to the audience expectation .Vadivelus starrer inthiralogathil naan alagappan having released late but doing well in the box office pushing back the other movies and leading in front.This movie has vadivelu in 3 different charecters in 4 getups.One as alagappan later as a old man at an age of 90 the rest are yama and lord indra.The yama charecter appeals more than others its asset to vadivelus charecter .About the movie dont expect anything.Shreyas song is not appealing.But a movie of humour and for people who like vadivelus mimics.

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