Friday, February 22, 2008

no more first night

As part of Nepali’s audio release at the Sathyam theatre, invitees were treated to a song sequence. Everyone present came out feeling that the song was very special. It shows Bharath and Meera Jasmine in a sensuous song that has been tastefully and atmospherically shot. The tune by Deva is marvelously melodious and contemporary (a little unlike the usual Deva tune), the memorable lyrics are by Yuga Bharathi and the playbacks are Bombay Jayashree and Karthik.

There is an interesting prelude to the song: Bharath and Meera arrive at their dream house, a newly constructed flat that they are planning to move into. Bharath has brought her there to show the flat off, but before he can say anything, Meera beats him to it: “The bedroom will be here, the kitchen here, the study here,” she begins rattling off her preferences. “Please da, I want this first day to be as unforgettable as our first night.” A stunned Bharath says, “I’m not a talker, I’m a do-er,” and embraces her. The song begins.

After the screening of this song, director Parthiban came up to praise director Durai’s work. “There are some movies that leave us with a line that we don’t forget and keep repeating. In Ramana it was “Forgiveness is the only word in Tamil I don’t like.” Bhagyaraj gave us that line about drumsticks. After Nepali, people are going to talk about first day, not first night!”

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