Sunday, December 16, 2007

Shankers envy

It was the audio launch of saroja.Director Shankar, while speaking at the function, said that when he first watched Venkat Prabhu’s Chennai-600028 he felt envious of the fact that he couldn’t produce that movie. In fact, he went on to say that he felt so every time he sees good cinema and wants to be associated with it in every possible way. Shankar added that it is the reason behind floating his own production house. Madhavan, who spoke at the event, recalled that when he first saw the promos he opined to Venkat that it wouldn’t do well at the box office but its success proved how little he knew about cinema, contrary to what he had earlier believed. Mani Ratnam, also present at the function, shared the view that it is very difficult to predict the commercial success of a movie. When you hear that from somebody of his caliber you know how true it is.

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