Thursday, December 20, 2007

Actress smoking :Bad habbit

Tobacco chewing is infurious to health .But top actress chewing in the films has the impact in people as it is a highly effective media which should be stopped here are few incidents.

The Actresses who had smoked in the movies (Top 50)

1) Manisha Koirala in "Yugpurush" (horny smoking...chimney)

2) Manisha Koirala in "Market" (Prostitute smoke...a few puffs)

3) Manisha Koirala in "Company" (Smokes one or two times)

5) Madhuri Dixit in "Zindagi Ek Juaa" (Real junkie.smokes like a third rated whore)

6) Nandita Das in "Fire" (Keeps a cigarette in mouth and imitates smoking)

7) Madhoo in "Pehchan" (Ideal prostitute...smokes like a chain smoker and puffs too much throuhout the movie)

8) Suman Ranganath in "Market" (no need to tell abt this worlds most popular prostitute)

9) Varsha Ushgonkar in "KhalNayikaa" (shain smoking throughout the movie)

10) Shabna Azmi in "Doosri Dulhan" (she must have smoke atleast 4 packs of cigarettes in this movie)

11) Raveena Tandon in kannada movie "Upendra" (smokes with great whorish attitute...real smoker)

12) Moon Moon Sen in kannada movie "Yugapurusha" (Real bitchy smoking...horny prostitute...about a couple of lovely puffs are are there)

13) Sonali Bendre in telugu movie "Kadgam" (takes a deep inhale and smokes bitctchily on the hero's face)

14) Preity Zinta in "Chori Chori Chupke Chupke" (has some real good pu
ffs as she is a prostitute in this film)

15) Zeenat Aman in "Don" (has one or two lovely puffs)

16) Zeenat Aman in "Hare Krishna Hare Ram" (I don't need to tell)

17) Sri Devi in a telugu movie (I don't recollect the name...she is wearing a short and smokes while dancing...its a old movie)

18) Madhu Sapre in "Boom" (horny smoking...real good prostitute at an age of 37)

19) Sharmila Tagore in "Mausam" (Smokes a lot of beedis...she is a prostitute in the film)

20) Mumtaz in "Roti" (smokes hell lot of beedis)

21) Katrina Kaif in "Boom" (smokes a cigar)

22) Sonam in "Mitti Aur Sona" (chain smoker)

23) Silk Smita in a Tamil movie (dont recollect the name...its a horror m
ovie in which even Revati has acted)

24) Sonu Walia in "Aaakarshan" (smokes a couple of times)

25) Dimple Kapadia in "Laadla" (just one puff)

26) Padma Lakshmi in "Boom" (smokes hookah)

27) Rekha in "Do Anjaahe" (smokes a couple of times)

28) Nanda in "Naya Nasha" (she is a junkie in this movie and smokes like
hell....some shots are real horny)

29) Praveen Booby (oops sorry babi) in "Suhag"

30) Rani Mukarjee in "Bichoo" (how could I forget this bitch being a junkie in this movie)

31) Archana Puran Singh in "Yes Boss" (smokes real good)

32) Soundarya in a telugu/tamil movie (don't recollect the movie name, but she is sitting inside a bus and holding a ciagettre in her mouth)

33) Tanuja in Anubhav (old B&W film with Sanjeev Kumar....she lights a cigarette for him and take a puff while doing it)

34) Saira Bhanu in "Purab Aur Paschim" (how can I forget this sultry seductress smoking like a professional prostitute throughout the movie)

35)Iratai roja smokes shakilla

36) Rani Mukharjee from "Nayak" (puffs in a song)

37) Nandita Das from "Supari" (cigarette never leaves her mouth)

38) Kareena Darling from "Chameli" (any pics of this?)

39) Tabu from "Dil Pe Matle Yaar" (smokes Marlboroughs a couple of times)

40) Seema Biswas in "Boom" (lights a cigeratte sitting on Javed Jaffrey's lap)

41) Navneet Nishan from a movie (don't recollect the name)

42) Shabna Azmi in "God Mother" (smokes a couple of times)

43) Sushmita Sen from Paisa Vasool

44) Namrata Shirodhkar from "CHARAS"

45) Archana Puran Singh from "Kondapalli Raja"

46) Simran from "New"

47) Moon Moon Sen from "Sirivennela"

48) Manisha Koirala from "Abhay"

49) Raveena Tandon from "AAN

50) Sri priya smoking in billa (a couple of puffs)

where does this leads to??????????

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