Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Change in climax:kallori

Balaji Sakthivel has decided to respond to the criticisms on his film positively. He has changed the climax of his film 'Kallori' following some critical comments from the media.

The climax has a gruesome incident in which the bus with three girls was burnt by the goons of a political party in protest of a setback to their leader. The climax scene reminds the infamous Dharmapuri incident in which three girl students were burnt alive along with the bus. The climax also has a court scene following the incident.

Now that the verdict on the Dharmapuri incident has come out, some felt that the court scene becomes irrelevant. Some critics pointed out that the way the girls caught into the bus was not established well in the film.

Balaji has gone through the suggestions carefully and decided to change the climax. He has included a couple of shots to show the girls getting caught. He has also removed the court scene. “Now the climax looks more convincing”, says the director.

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