Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Rajinikanth race with king khan

The highest-paid-actor record that Rajinikanth has been holding till now has been snatched away by Shahrukh Khan. Eros has bought his home production’s Om Shakthi Om, directed by Farah Khan, for a whopping Rs. 75 crores. The music rights of this movie have been snatched away by the T-series for an astounding Rs. 8 crores. With Om Shakthi Om, having been made at a budget of Rs. 25 crores, Shahrukh has pocketed a mind boggling Rs. 58 crores even before the release of the film. Close to his heels is Rajini who has got over Rs. 15 crores and a share from the international release for Sivaji. However, with Sivaji yet to be released in Rajini’s stronghold area – Japan.Finally result says rajini is a ever green super star winning the race by getting Rs 62 crores.Thanks to people of japan .

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