Thursday, April 24, 2008

Vijay and dhoni :A fan to each other

Vijay and Dhoni have found a fan in each other! Before Vijay was to meet the star cricketer, he thought, "I was feeling like - I am going to meet a big cricket captain - but he was so down-to-earth. He said, ‘Hey I know you, I've seen you on TV’, and he made me feel so very comfortable." Dhoni responded by saying, "He's a great guy, I've met him just once during the launch function. It'll be interesting to know him better and of course the film industry here too – that'll be a relaxing time.”

The Chennai Superkings take on Mumbai Indians today. As IPL Chennai’s brand ambassador Vijay is confident of a spectacular turn out. "Definitely all my fans will come – they are all cricket lovers too so they'll definitely come and cheer the team. Besides my support, the team will also have my fans' support. "I saw the Mohali match. We've taken 250 runs which no other team's got so far – ours is a strong team that can win under any circumstances – my mind's totally in tomorrow's match," he said at a press conference yesterday.

With two stars, one from cinema and one from cricket, to cheer the team and lead the team, respectively, today’s match will be special treat for fans of Dhoni and Vijay.

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