Sunday, April 20, 2008

Kollywood takes the othereay

The East-West Resorts on the Chennai-Bengaluru highway could soon turn into a hotspot for film shooting – thanks to veteran actor Rajesh. Speaking at the inauguration ceremony, Rajesh said that his 34-acre resort has several facilities, such as swimming pool, gym, cricket ground, tennis court etc. Another added attraction is the lake that has been taken up on lease from the government where boating and fishing would be introduced very soon, the actor declared. It was also disclosed that the resort facilities are priced in such a way that it would be affordable even to middleclass families.

And for the film fraternity, the resort would be an ideal location for shooting. With the resort hardly a 30-minute drive from the city, it is expected that it would soon find a prominent place in the shooting location map. Moreover, plans are afoot to arrange all facilities required for film shooting at a low cost.

Those heading to the East Coast Road for entertainment could soon move towards Chennai-Bengaluru highway

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