Thursday, April 3, 2008

Movies 2008 A Review


A fascinating tale of friendship going awry when fate crosses its path between two friends, Anjaathey is steadily gaining momentum at the box office. Narain’s role and performance as a waywardly youngster becoming a dutiful police officer caught between his duty and the skewed friendship is winning accolades. Same with debutant Ajmal and Prasanna’s powerhouse performances. Anjaathey proved that small films could make big if the plot and script are rock solid.

Privom Santhippom

Pirivom stayed in multiplexes for quite sometime- the longevity of which could be attributed to Karu Pazhaniappan’s adorable story telling and Cheran – Sneha’s inescapable chemistry. The family drama has proved that decent family entertainers still hold value among the audiences.

Kannum Kannum

While breezy love stories becoming a thing of the past replaced by stylishly crafted big budget action adventures, Kannum Kannum proved a refresher of sorts. The Prasanna – Udayathara starrer is being noticed and is catching up among the multiplex movie buffs.


Bheema released amidst soaring expectations breaking an almost two-year sabbatical of Vikram. The movie had an impressive opening but could not sustain itself at the box office and finally settled for an average mark. Collections were not as impressive as the budget.

Indiralogathil Na Azhagappan

Vadivelu’s blooper Indiralogathi Na Azhagappan fell flat on its nose in less than a week of its release. Unimaginative script and predictable direction made the public give thumbs down to the movie.

Nenjathai Killadhe

Kadhal Kottai Agathiyan’s love story could have made an impact if Kadhal Kottai was not made earlier. The movie was just reduced to a passable attempt owing to the storyline that proved a tad repetitive.


Vellithirai had all it takes to be a successful venture. The humor is not funny, it is rather wry with cynical undertones. There needs to be a special talent to laugh at oneself. Prakashraj has done it in style although the script and plot are borrowed from the neighborhood. But who cares, as long as the movie is agreeably entertaining and thought-provoking. Although with all these plus points, Vellithirai still failed to create a buzz and the mystery remains unsolved.


Silambarasan has such a solid fan base. And his fans had been waiting eagerly for his next. After Valluvan, there was a lull from the little superstar. Kaalai proved heavily disappointing, crashing their hopes.

Of the 26 official releases, as much as 15 proved to be downers failing to make impact and business at the box office. Most of them were average grosser. Sandai is doing well in B and C centers, while Kattuviritan is doing well in C centers, so it’s a little early to say if they will be hits.

1. Sandai
2. Sadhu Miranda
3. Thotta
4. Pazhani
5. Pidichirukku
6. Kattuviriyan –C center is doing well, A B not

With a handful of debutants – with an exception of Anu Haasan and Riyaz Khan – Akku is a commendable attempt without any songs and the inevitable interval. The movie was a thriller and ran for 90 minutes. Sadly, without enough publicity and promotion it was not noticed by the general public and sank without a trace for the same reason.

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