Sunday, April 20, 2008

Namitha launches a complaint

Azhagana Ponnu was a project which was accepted by Namitha for 17 lakhs in 2006. Subsequent to this, shooting began and went on for 5 days after which the director of the film was changed to Thirunavukkarasu from Kamaraj. When Namitha was reluctant to work with Thiru, the producer gave an option of working under him for a few bdays and if she was not satisfied, she can quit the project. Honoring her commitment, Namitha was present for the 2nd schedule of the film at Kodaikanal whereas the director was reported to have come to the sets very late. This was followed by heated discussion between the heroine and director which led to the shooting coming to a halt. After this, Namitha got busier with bigger projects like Billa and Azhagiya Tamil Magan..
Now Namitha has filed a complaint against director Thiru at the South Indian Artist’s Association that she is being harassed by him. Meanwhile there was also a complaint that was lodged by the producer and director of Azhagana Ponnu at the Producer’s Council that Namitha after accepting 17 lakhs is now refusing to give call sheets for their film and further on threatening them with goondas. Now this case will be coming for hearing tomorrow at the producer’s council where both the actress and the director will be present for enquiry.

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