Thursday, April 24, 2008

I am a sex worker :Arai En 305il Kadavul

Arai En 305il Kadavul produced by S Pictures directed by Simbu Devan is receiving mixed response from media and audience. While the film appeals to a section of the public, some of them feel it differently. The heroine of the film Madhumitha made her Kollywood entry through Parthiban’s Kudaikkul Mazhai and subsequently went on to do a few films. In Arai En.., Madhumitha has done the role of a commercial sex worker and when she was questioned on this, she had this to say, “When the role of a sex worker was offered to me in Arai En 305il Kadavul, I was very skeptical about accepting the same especially when I am at the beginning of my career. But when I realized that the dialogue I speak during the climax was the turning point in the life of the hero, I immediately accepted the role”.

She goes on to add that the director Simbudevan etched her character mindful of the fact not to reveal any trace of her profession anywhere in the film. When speaking about her next film Yogi with director Ameer, Madhumitha says that it is the role of her lifetime and her prowess as an actress would totally come to the fore in the film.

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