Thursday, April 24, 2008

making of dhasavadharam

Nearly every Kamal film has required extensive makeup but nothing like Dasavatharam. It took nothing less than three hours each for the star to put on make up and take it off. And he had to sit still for the entire process. And this time it wasn’t only Kamal who had to undergo this ordeal but actor Napoleon who plays a King in the film, who required make up that took more than four hours.

If you thought that was fun, wait till you hear the kind of time editing and postproduction demanded: there are several scenes that require different Kamal Hassans to appear together. Though the different costumes and make up were shot on different locations, to bring them together the post production crew and the director had to spend thrice the number of hours at the studio. For instance, it is reported that director K.S. Ravikumar had to view each frame 1000 times to make sure that everything about it matched! Well, we’re sure all the effort was worth it, and something spectacular awaits us.

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