Sunday, April 20, 2008


According to V Z Durai who directed Nepali with Bharath and Meera Jasmine as lead stars the response to the film has been satisfactory and he owes this success to his entire crew from the lead actors to editor to music director Srikanth Deva. Durai was much pleased with Meera Jasmine’s cooperation in the intimate scenes with Bharath. On a different note the director reveals that he is very much interested in music and has sung a song in Nepali. He also adds that he has even worked in front of the camera in a few films.

Meanwhile Joint Commissioner of Police of Chennai Mr Ravi had written a letter to the director that the film had portrayed police force in a very cheap vain and he wanted those scenes to be removed immediately. A letter in this regard has also been sent to the censor board. When the film was released the duration of it was for 3 hours and 10 minutes which was reduced by 20 minutes due to public demand. Now if few more police sequences are also removed, Nepali might further be shortened. Director’s response on this will be known soon and we will keep you posted.

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