Monday, November 5, 2007

Festival of lights : DIWALI

"You can say Deepavali is brother of Bhagavad Gita. As Bhagavad Gita is Supreme of Holy Books like that Deepavali is a Supreme Festival of other Festivals. This only Festival is enjoyed by all religions n castes all over India. As per Tamil

EveryMonth as special story on its own as per history of Puranas. As per the month Ippasi [Oct 15 - Nov 15] there is 30 section story named as Thulamaasa Maghathmiyam. In that story a sectio tells us abt Deepavali. It is specified as 'Thaile Lakhmi! Jalae Ganga!'.

As per the story n history says, which-ever places U dont Ganga water. Use Oil with Hot Water on The Day of Deepavali. It will give U the power what u get when u dip / bath in Holy Ganga.

As per the Saastras the Apyaghanam [oil bath] Vabhanam [Shaving] must be done in paticular Timings n Days. As per Apyaghanam [Oil Bath] should not be done in the morning [At Dawn to 7AM]; But if it is done b4 dawn it stats that it clears Ur Pavas [Alcoholic Drinks].

The Name Deepavali means Deepavarisai [lighting lamps in a row]. The light that clears Dark on the same the light named 'Ghayana' clears 'Aatma'a Aghayana'. On the Day Deepavali the Lord Krishna saved the world from Evil Naraghasura.

The Jist of Story Follows:

The Evil Hiranyakshen was killed by the Varagha Avatar of Narayana. On that time the varagha want to save the world [earth is femine deva as per Brahmins of hindus]. On touch [sparisam] Earth gave birth to a child Naraghasura. As per the Medittations he got many boons frm the God. With that boons he scared n tortured Devas. He had Power boon that says, 'He
can only killed by his own Mother'. As the life Goes Narayana took another Avatar Krishna And Goddess Earth took Avathar Bama. Bama was wife of Krishna. Naragasura took revenge of Krishna and awaited. The Time Rolled on. Nagasura n Krishna had war. Bama was driving the chariot. On Single Move Krishna was Hurt By Nagasura. Bama Got upset n war continue with
Naragasura. Bama Killed Naragasura.

The Death statement of Naragasura was , Such a evil charecter he was so the ppl all over the world must be enjoying with sweets, New Dress n others. The Daeth Day of Nagasura Named as Deepavali. On Day Deepavali You have take oil bath in hot water at 2 - 4 Am in the morning. On same we ppl in Tamil we ask "Ganga Ssnanam Aacha".


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