Sunday, November 16, 2008

kuselan never a trouble

Reacting to media reports and the press statements released by the Tamil Nadu Theatre Owners' Association on allegations that Pyramid Saimira refused to distribute the compensation for Kuselan's failure, P.S. Swaminathan said that there were no fault on his side. He clarified that the compensation was distributed to all the distributors

across the state and Pyramid Saimira was in no way concerned with the theatre owners. Even after knowing this very well, the theatre owners have blown this issue out of proportion, he claimed.

He also disclosed that the compensation were given to the distributors in North Arcot, Trichy and Coimbatore areas as the agreement was between Pyramid Saimira and distributors only. Mr. Swaminathan added that any further allegations will attract penal action from Pyramid Saimira

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