Sunday, November 16, 2008

Iyanthiran will reach it

There had been a few jitters in the Endhiran camp following the global economic meltdown and its concomitant effect on Ayngaran. There had been doubts as to when the third schedule, slated to begin on the 16th of the month would actually take off. Now, new developments suggest that damage control has effectively set in and there might not be much to fear.

The management of Ayngaran has reportedly asked Shankar about the exact requirements of the schedule. This is being done as a measure to tighten purse strings to ensure that no problems are encountered during later stages of shooting. So, the third schedule, set in the pristine snow clad valleys of Kulu Manali is expected to take off on the 20th of this month, after a four day delay. Looking at how big the problems being faced by the industry in general are (Marmayogi being all but shelved being an indicator of the magnitude) this four day delay is not much.

Shankar plans to shoot a duet featuring Superstar and Aishwarya Rai in some never before tried locations in Kulu Manali, trust Shankar to surprise us. The visuals will definitely have the rich and grand stamp of the master director.

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