Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Story of Enthiran

Rajini a robotic scientist creates CHITTI Thre robot.
Chitti is programmed with 100 human intelligence ,All human languages ,All types of arts. Unfortunately chitti falls in love with sana (Aishwariya rai )his creators love intrest. Knowing this rajini plans for his immediate marriage and chitti interferes and kidnaps her some how she manages to escape with the help of a gang . Meanwhile the gangs palns for destroyin the city and uses sana as their wepon to blackmail chitti .Their aim is to create robots duplicating chitti.
What happens next is all of enthiran????

Watch enthiran only on theatres on sep 3rd..
I guessed the story after hearin the song. With shankar seldom failed at the box office .and a combination of sun pictures ,superstar , aishwariya rai,ARR. It can only get bigger and the wait is all over .This might be an mile stone film for kollywood. We wish the best for Enthiran crew

The story is just a guess......