Friday, June 13, 2008

Rs 18 for helicopter is too high

It is not new in Kollywood to use helicopters for film shoots. We have seen movies that were made even a decade ago using choppers. The latest to join this bandwagon is Padikadhavan. Though Padikadhavan happens to be the name of Rajinikanth’s yesteryear hit, it is not a remake. Incidentally, the film stars his son-in-law Dhanush in the lead role along with Tamanna. Padikadhavan is directed by Suraj. The latest buzz about this film is that a helicopter has been hired to shoot a stunt sequence in Hyderabad that involves Suman and Tamanna. Sources say that the helicopter was hired from a Bangalore-based company for just two days. Guess what the price would be for just two days? Well, it is an astounding Rs. 18 lakhs! Now, that’s one fight to watch out for!

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